PSA for John Edwards

In the story from New York Magazine detailing the insanity of John Edward’s campaign for the 2008 POTUS election, there are a few quotes that arrested me with awe at the hubris therein.

THIS quote, however, is just jaw droppingly screwy:

Edwards denounced the Enquirer piece vehemently to his staff. On the campaign bus, he railed at the tabloid: “How could they fucking say this? How could they do this to me? How could they do this to Elizabeth?”

Note to John Edwards – The Enquirer did not “do this” to you, your family or Elizabeth.  YOU did this to them.  Because you chose to put your penis in a vagina that did not belong to your wife YOU are personally responsible for ALL repercussions of YOUR act of adultery.  YOU chose to fornicate.  YOU.  The Enquirer did not sneak into your room, steal your junk and force it to engage in sexual acts with Ms. Hunter.  You and you alone are utterly and completely responsible for this ridiculous and revolting mess.
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