MP Hannan on Single Payer Health Care

His last point is the one that concerns me most: When the Government controls your insurance, your doctor, your hospitalization – the Government controls the outcomes.  You, the private citizen, will have NO ONE to protect you should the system fail.  No government bureaucracy will EVER do anything but protect itself.  (Which in and of itself is the strongest argument ever for a small, accountable and limited government.

That nationalized/socialized insurance will cost trillions and bankrupt our country concerns me deeply.  That the government will now be rationing instead of a company I can fire/change concerns me.  That our government is obviously making deals with insurance and drug companies concerns me.  That our government is sneaking around behind closed doors to cobble together a monstrosity of a bill that will accomplish none of it’s aim and destroy the good we do have concerns me.  All of these things concern me.

What scares the yogurt out of me, however,  is a group of lifer bureaucrats with no accountability having my file and deciding ANYTHING about my treatment.  Consider all the government employees who illegally accessed Joe the Plumber’s MVA records & Court records.  That’s just scary.

Lets say some mid level paper pusher who is deeply liberal reads my file and accesses my voter registration records, finds out I am a conservative and then denies my doctor’s request for chemotherapy?  Maybe a member of that horrid Fred Phelps church gets a job in a health care office and regularly makes it his business to figure out which of his cases involve gays or lesbians and then denies them the care/medicine/surgeries they need?  I really don’t think a bureaucrat behaving in this way is too far out.  I’d love to know how often it happens with the IRS.

Oh, and that’s the other thing.  The IRS will be in charge of all of this?  Doesn’t that scare more than the yogurt out of you?  It should.

For instance:

Anonymous Agent #3, another long-serving employee of the IRS, testified that he had seen “[t]ax data being accessed by IRS employees to check on prospective boyfriends; [t]ax data being accessed by IRS employees to check ex-husbands for increasing income in order to receive increased child support payments; [t]ax data being accessed on people with whom IRS employees were having some kind of personal disagreement;…; [t]ax data being accessed on individuals who are perceived as critical of the IRS, such as tax protestors or, as in one case, a person who had simply written a Letter to the Editor…. [t]ax data being accessed on relatives and acquaintances of the subject taxpayer, such as cases where the taxpayer is suspected of using friends and relatives to hide income or assets; [t]ax data being accessed on potential witnesses in government tax cases; [t]ax data being accessed on jurors sitting on government tax cases.”

Oh, one more thing – National Health Care is not nor will it ever be free.  Air is free while you are outside.  Sunsets are free.  A doctor seeing you and offering his/her professional advice is not free – it’s costing someone something.  Your sky high taxes for one thing.  You will pay.  You will pay more than you can imagine.  You just won’t be aware of it because you will be a toad in a pot of slowly heating water lulled by the increasingly warm water.

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