America Rising

This video has been all over the blogosphere lately.  It’s good, to the point.  Except, like Power Line, I didn’t buy all the hopenchangieness of the Obama campaign.  I didn’t buy his whole “govern from the center” thing.  I knew that we would end up with this debacle of tax-payer’s money thrown after bad money thrown by elitists who refused to pay their own damn taxes until they were nominated for some dang thing.  Or, like Rangel, just got caught.  (I’d link, but dang it, these stories are ancient and proved, if you aren’t already familiar with little Timmy Geithner’s inability to use Turbo Tax and why he is totally incompetent and unable to run the Treasury well, then I’m not going to bother.)

My hope for the 2010 election is that we will begin to boot ALL the entrenched political elite out.  Republican, Democrat, Independents – ALL of them.  Even if we do not eventually impose reasonable term limits, I want the current crop GONE.  The Republicans under Bush grew the government like they were growing morning glories.  Just this year, the Democrats have grown government like kudzu – it’s taking over and choking out our liberty and freedom.

I want an all new and fresh Congress and a new and fresh Senate.  I’m actually quite okay with the resulting slowdown that will inevitably occur when no one in the Congress can locate a bathroom.  I am EXTRA okay with that.  I am SICK of pork, back door deals, special favors for old friends, wasteful boondoogles to ridiculous locations, tiny airports that serve 3 people, stupid energy policies, take overs.  I am very, very angry.  VERY.  ANGRY.

How is it that a nation begun with such promise, on the premise of freedom from government tyranny, liberty, the pursuit of happiness could come to be a place so oppressive with regulation and tyrannical law that a man who earned the Medal of Honor for the kind of bravery in battle that most of you would die just thinking about doing – How is it that THAT man has to fight to display an American Flag because of boneheaded regulation and asshats who live in this country but get OFFENDED at the Stars and Stripes.  W. T. F?

That incident is, to me, far more telling of where we are as a country that almost any other story this year.  It shouldn’t frickin matter if the man is such an amazing and selfless badass that he earned the Medal of Honor and frickin lived another 60 years.  It should not matter.  We should be able to fly the flag that represents our country any dang time we want.

If you take this as stupid hick patriotism you should sit the heck down and figure out exactly what the tradition of flying our flag is all about.

So, all that to say, go find a worthy candidate to replace your unworthy Senator/Congressman up for election in 2010.  Then go volunteer.  I did.

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2 Responses to America Rising

  1. Emm says:

    That video needs to be used all over the media!
    You know I also did not believe in all the hopey-changeyness , but for godssake This is insane!

    Our flag flies, our neighbors silhouette of the praying soldier is in the his yard, and hope-changey better pray they do not try to get us to take them down.
    They just might find out exactly how well old soldiers remember training.

    Last I checked I had nor signed up for socialism.( but then, I didn’t vote for hopey-changey)

  2. Dana says:

    Kudzu: the most appropriate metaphor. And that’s to the shame of our country for allowing this to happen.

    I read the link to your hopeful candidate Lollar. Sounds great and I hope he can get elected.

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