The Attractiveness of Heavy Drinking

Go check out the pictures in this story in the British paper, The Sun.

Yeah, getting wasted is sooooooooooo cute!  Just check out these scantily clad women laying in their own vomit in the snow on sidewalks .  So sexy. *

*Sermon not necessary, you all can figure it out without me.

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5 Responses to The Attractiveness of Heavy Drinking

  1. amy says:

    kinda hard to even feel sorry for them… haha

    i liked the girl who was being picked up and her dress being lifted up… i can just hear her in my head… haha

  2. Kristin says:

    WTH, there is snow on the ground and they are dressed like its 80 degrees.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Their dunderheadedness extends from their drinking habits to their clothing choices. I mean, I remember being 21, I really do. I remember being bone-headed. But from the things I’ve read, this isn’t an occasional thing, this is a common occurrence, these “yoots” do this whole get drunk off their rockers and pass out on the streets thing all the time.

  4. Emm says:

    My BFF was there for New Years- and I have seen the party pics- Not all Brits are that way- some actually made it into the New Year conscious.

    As for that being the way to go out- Anywhere, I too have been 21, and 18, and stupid beyond words, but never would I think that behavior was OK. I too like sexy clothes- but I don’t wear my summer micro-mini in the snow, I didn’t even when I was that young. Geesh.

    Not only that- did you notice the mention of the extra cost to National Health- we’ll get to add that to the crap we are getting too. ‘Cos you’ve got to know that those scenes were replicated here- just not all over the news!

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