Lord Monckton and a Greenpeace Activist

My goodness!  Verifiable science vs a religious belief system.

Micheal Crichton is correct, belief in anthropogenic global warming IS a religion.  It certainly acts that way.

The climate of the earth has been changing since God created it.*   I expect it to continue to act accordingly.

*Yes, that is a religious belief, one to which I subscribe.  However, I see nothing in my belief of a God-Creator vs science.  There is, as yet that I am aware, no way to disprove God.  I do not claim to know or understand HOW God accomplished creation.  Him being God – omniscient, omnipresent, all powerful and eternal; me being a limited, finite, mortal creature; I am not qualified to state with certainty events that happened LONG before my birth and which are unable to be repeated in a lab under strict scientific scrutiny and method.

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