Absolutely Mother Beautiful

Al Gore has notoriously refused to debate Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Reason has an offer on the table to PAY him to debate and he flat out refuses.  John Stossel asked him to come on his show and discuss AGW, he refused.

So, it comes to this.

The treaty before the Copenhagen attendees includes economy destroying taxes, which we expected.  But it also includes a provision for the institution of a world government/court.  This new government can institute fines, taxes and leveys against countries to transfer vast wealth from one to another.

In effect, as Lord Monckton points out in the interview, the proposed Copenhagen treaty promises to fold the worst aspects of the Waxman-Markey bill in with the worst aspects of the Law of the Sea Treaty, and all under the auspices of a new world governmental body that, being a part of the UN, is inherently undemocratic. Concerned citizens are urged to voice their opposition to this monstrous undermining of national sovereignty by contacting the White House or their own national government, signing an Instrument of Repudiation as outlined by Lord Monckton at the end of the interview, or sending this information out to others to begin organizing political action.

Here is more on Carbon Credits – which, in case you didn’t know, were the brain child of Ken Lay, Mr. Enron.

Lord Christopher Monkton with a very tongue in cheek but factual presentation:

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