The Top 5 Offenders in Climategate – Updated

Barbara Hollingsworth has a list of the top 5 offenders in the twisting the numbers and exaggerating the science in the Anthropogenic Global Warming scandal.  Below is a graphic from the article.

OMG!!!!!  NBC & Brian Williams are FINALLY addressing the scandal, 12 days later.  The story is all about how the emails are being used by skeptics to change political efforts.  The funniest bit of that segment of the Nightly News was that the story was followed directly by a story on the snow storm in Houston.

LOL!  Just LOL!

UPDATE – Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glacier melting NOT due to AGW.  Yeah, that whole naturally occurring cyclical warming/cooling thing that happens over the course of millennia again.  DARN you, science! 😀

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