MOAR Not Warming

Anthropogenic Global Warming is getting to be a dicier and dicier theory.  The science behind it, far from being “settled”, is now itself worthy of being in quotes as it is proven again and again to have been the result of fraud, lying, cheating and echo-chamber academic effort.

Last week, news of thousands of leaked emails from East Anglia’s CRU reveal temperature manipulation, data manipulation, academic bullying, among other bits of nefariousness.

Der Spiegel admitted, finally, that the last decade the world has NOT been warming, but rather the temps have flatlined.  I wrote about this and also the previously revealed fabrications and manipulations of the temperature data here.

Now we are learning that New Zealand’s warming trend was assisted by corrections to the raw data.

The temperature readings should stand for themselves, unless of course the thermometer is positioned over an air conditioning exhaust.  If the thermometer is placed correctly, if it is taking actual temperatures rather than the temperature of reflected or exhausted heat, then the temperature is the temperature.

The biggest issue here is the money and the economy damaging regulations.  The Copenhagen treaty SHOULD NOT BE SIGNED.  Period.

I’m all for not polluting.  YAY for not polluting.  But, people, lets make sure we are doing ACTUAL good rather than FEELS good.  Those are two very different things.

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