Tonight, in the rain, I picked up an unwanted hitchhiker on the way home from work.  This hitcher was tenacious and clung to my car.

Picture below:



Everyone in front of me slowed way down suddenly so we were all bunched up.  No one was moving over, so I thought it was someone pulling off the road.  The car in front of me went very slowly and then sped up, I thought great! Until I saw the white tail disappear under my car.

My fault.  I should have waited, I should have paid more attention, but I didn’t, so I got a deer lodged under my car, hooked on the muffler.


Also, did I mention that it’s raining?

Yeah, fun times.

So I called OnStar.  Great service, especially since I didn’t have a clue where I was.  I mean, I knew generally, but I didn’t know the name of the street, it’s dark, raining and in an interesting neighborhood.  OnStar was able to put me at an address.

Explaining that I had run over a deer, literally, took time.  No one believed me.  I meant I ran OVER the deer, I didn’t hit it, I didn’t kill it, I just ran over it.  I had to explain four times that I’m not injured, that I’m not blocking traffic, that blah blah blah.  Four times.

Finally Officer Lewis of the PGPD rolled up and got out of his car laughing.  The light he had spotted on my car made the deer’s eye gleem in the wet darkness.  I said that I wanted to get a picture of it, Officer Lewis laughed and said he did too.  That’s his picture because mine didn’t turn out.

He tried to drag out the deer.  No budge.

He tied something to it and asked me to try to drive off it.  Nope.

In the end he had to jack up my car and cut the hide that got stuck on something under my car.  Then he was able to drag it out, easy peasy.  The deer was pretty badly mangled, it’s back end was torn up and its back was obviously broken in multiple places along with its legs.  It also had blood spray all over the inside of it’s ears and leaking out of it’s nose.

Mmmmm, ground venison.  If I hadn’t dragged it quite so far and knew when it was actually hit I might have thrown it in the back of my car for some venison stew.

Officer Lewis was really awesome.  Thanks again!

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  1. Jon says:

    I’m tellin’ PETA! 😉

  2. Rachel says:

    FABULOUS story! And fabulous, if somewhat gross, picture. That is just too funny. Glad you lived through it!

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