Buh. Bye.

Tonight John Allen Muhammed will be ushered into eternity.

Today people are talking about how his execution is supposed to give them a sense of closure.

My PSA of the morning? This. Is. Not. About. You…What. Utter. Nonsense.

Justice is never meted out to give closure.  Muhammed got the death penalty for a crime committed, a crime that MERITED this punishment.  This was the just and good verdict of a court after a trial of his peers.  The state is not executing him to make you feel better.  The state is executing him because this is the punishment that he deserves.

I’m not exactly sure what it is people are after with closure anyway.  I think the idea of “closure” is on a par with the idea that the world is supposed to be fair.  Fantasy.  Bully for you if you get it, but to expect it and to seek it as an end in itself? Good luck with that.

The problem with this expectation of “closure” is that people are expecting an external solution to what is an internal problem.  This is a place of heart work not police work.  This is something YOU work through in your own soul and mind.  The state executing the man who committed a horrific string of crimes that affected you only peripherally is not going to solve any sort of issue you carry around in your soul.

Closure is a construct of a society that is uncomfortable with mystery and unable to deal with long term pain.  Both mystery and long term pain are just part of being alive in this sinful world.  Get used to it.

Forgive my bluntness.  kkthxbai

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