Frosty Morning

This morning was the first serious frost AND it  was a Saturday so I could go outside and take pictures.  YAY!

First, thyme. Lime Thyme specifically.


And now the sad little lonely late sunflower, it’s the only one left.


My pineapple sage blossoms.


A late Fairy Rose.


I forget the name of it, but it’s a tiny evergreen, I added and placed the leaf and fairy hat.


My Endless Summer Hydrangea, this is a late little blossom that promptly browned up when the sun warmed it enough for the frost to melt.  I’m very glad I got this picture.


This is an older blossom on the Endless Summer.  It’s gone magenta/bordeauxey.


And now for some leaves.


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One Response to Frosty Morning

  1. Emmy says:

    I so love visiting here with you- beauty and brains every thyme I stop by. I love experiencing winter and fall with you and feeling like I am actually coming by to see you. It is light for me.

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