I Has A Girl Crush

Ms Munley, the mother of a three-year-old girl, is in a stable condition, with injuries to the upper leg and thigh. General Cone said her fearless response to the gunman had saved countless lives. Trained in active-response tactics, she rushed into the building where he was shooting, and confronted him directly. Officials confirmed that she had continued firing even after being hit.

Okay, not really with the girl crush.  She’s just really pretty flipping awesome.  Well, maybe a little.

Kimberley Munley.  She’s a mom.  She’s a wife.

She’s also a kick ass cop who brought down a mad killer AFTER she herself was shot by the mad killer.

Kimberley Munley is the reason that yesterday’s death toll didn’t rise above 13.  She calmly did the job she was trained to do, she did it selflessly and with ruthless precision.

Dang, she’s my new imaginary BFF.

Also, by the way, go read about the tactics she used, Active Response.  The tactics were developed and put into practice after multiple similar incidents.  This article is a pretty good explanation of the tactic and the reasons for it.  Texas implemented the use of Active Response and their officers are trained in it.  BooYaah!

The most interesting thing I read was that most incidents like this are over within 10 minutes.

Let that sink in.  10 minutes.  There is no time for planning a response.  You just have to act, like Officer Munley did.  Act aggressively and immediately.

Klebold and Harris were dead for quite some time before the police at Columbine actually got to them.  Had they entered the building earlier multiple victims may have survived.  Regardless, this tactic was used to good effect in the Ft. Hood attack.

My favorite quote from the article?

Active killers practice attacking – THEY DO NOT PRACTICE BEING ATTACKED (Attacking “Sheep” not “Sheepdogs”)

I am still praying for the wounded and grieving.

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One Response to I Has A Girl Crush

  1. Emmy says:

    I also think she is pretty magnificent. We had a smaller incident here and the cops had all contained- across the city with the creep in custody in less than 4 hours. Not bad since he was in and out of an office building.

    The response of the city was great- my nephew’s reply to being in lockdown was unfortunately way too typical of these times- “bored mom- I have stuff to do”
    sad that being in lockdown due to crazies is a typical day anymore- and boring.

    All here are praying for the families- all of them involved. His too.

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