Shooting at Ft. Hood

Here we go again.  So far, best coverage here.

And by that “here we go again” I mean “Great.  Another incident for which the media gets to go all out with the rumor milling! Another opportunity for people to shoot off at the mouth about things they do not understand and claim expertise for something in which they have no knowledge.”

I first noticed the tendency of the Media to get moonbatty during Columbine.  I should have noticed it earlier, but well, anyway.  I remember watching the reporters interview kids leaving the scene.  One kid was scared, of course, and said so.  The reporter turns to the camera and says “There you have it, the student was in total shock!”

No, he wasn’t.  Total shock is something else entirely involving blood pooling in the torso.  That kid was scared, stunned maybe, but in “total shock”?  Nope.  And it only got worse as the day, then days, then weeks and months that followed.

The same thing happens every single time some event occurs that the media can glorify and make money off of.  (That’s their business, never forget it.)

Here is the thing to remember during incidents like this: Nearly ALL early reports are wrong.  Rarely do any of the words used by reporters to describe a situation actually apply to the situation.  Facts, timelines and motivations are made clear, when they can be, after an investigation.

My recommendation is that we wait for concrete information.  So, I’m not saying anything other than this: 12 people are dead, their families are grieving.  Their loss is more than they can bear right now so tonight I pray for them.  30 + people are wounded, some may yet still die.  Their families are frightened for them.  So, tonight I pray for them also.

I also pray for the police, the investigators and the men and women involved in the clean up.  I pray that they get it right the first time.

Later, when the facts are in, I am sure I’ll have something more to say.

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  1. Dana says:

    Smart girl. And of the facts that are rolling in, only selective ones are permissible.

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