UPDATED x 2 – Two Options, Neither Good

Politico is reporting that, according to Gibbs, Obama was not watching the election returns last night.

Dude.  Really?

There are only two options, neither of them is flattering.

1. Obama is the kind of self-centered jerk who only watches returns when HE is in the race.

2. Obama is the kind of self-absorbed jerk who watches returns but lies about it unless his team is winning.

Either option means he’s a jerk.  Even working hard he could have a TV on mute in the corner so he could check the returns at a glance.

My opinion is that Option #2 is the truth.

UPDATED: I was wrong.  It was #1.  But, even worse than just not watching returns he isn’t involved in, no friends, it’s worse.  Obama was watching the HBO haigiography of his OWN ELECTION LAST YEAR!  For the second time!!!  OMG!

During the 10AM ET hour of America’s Newsroom on Fox News Channel, fill-in co-host Martha Maccallum told viewers what President Obama watched on election night while Democrats suffered big losses in New Jersey and Virginia: “Robert Gibbs said, well, he was actually watching, you know, the HBO special about his year-long campaign and how it all went.”

MOAR UPDATEY:  Fox News Misreported and have now corrected the report.  Obama wasn’t watching the returns OR his bio-pic.  So it’s back to my original thought.  Though, I read that he gets emailed updates, I’m not buying that he doesn’t check the returns himself.  I don’t buy it.

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