Dear Congressman Hoyer

Dear Congressman Hoyer,

I have written to you multiple times regarding my opposition to this form of health care reform.  I have called your office as well.

What I continue to fail to understand is why you and the congress insist on this wasteful, expensive and confiscatory legislation.  I do not understand why you and your co-workers think that ADDING to the Medicare, Medicaid, VA and Indian Bureau debacles is a good thing and that the American people are for this.  Did you not pay attention this summer?  Were you not listening?

I am asking you to please FIX THOSE FIRST!!!!!  Do not mess with MY PRIVATE healthcare before you fix the existing GOVERNMENT healthcare.

Do you not understand that we do not trust congress to “fix” private healthcare when Congress has never yet been able to figure out how to efficiently and affordably run the current government-run health care plans.

Additionally, we the people of these United States insist that Congress covers itself with this healthcare plan.  Do not exempt yourselves from this monstrosity you are planning on crushing us with.

You still have not apologized to me for calling me un-American because I oppose this ridiculous farce legislation.  I am still angry about that and I am still waiting for my apology.


Vivian Saavedra

*I sent this via email to Congressman Hoyer’s office this morning.  I will post his reply.

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