Friday Afternoon News Dump – 1st Edition – Geithner Lied/The Economy Died

I’m going to start posting the weekly Obama Administration’s Friday Afternoon News Dump! just to make sure I don’t lose track of what the heck is going on.

This week’s episode finds Timmy Geither’s Treasury Department admitting to lying to congress, stonewalling and misplacing all that taxpayer money that went out with the TARP.

Maybe the Treasury Department needs to hire Lassie to find what Timmy lost down the well.


Now, go have a great weekend and don’t think about the government, your safety and the banks.  Obama’s asked Timmay to lock up for the weekend.  You can trust him, he files his taxes on time.

Join us next week when the Obama Administration lets more cats out of the bag!  You will find this listed under OAFAND!

!!!!PS!!!!! – Just so you people are clear – I detested this waste of money when Bush ran it as much as I detest it under Obama.  It was ALWAYS going to end badly.  Giving away free taxpayer money always ends badly.  I hate this kind of crap.

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