The Naked Coffee Maker

Gets arrested.

Eric Williamson was making coffee in his kitchen at 5:30 AM.  Also, he was naked.

A woman passing by with her child sees the naked man and calls the police, Mr. Williamson gets arrested for indecent exposure.

Sounds like the woman was an idiot busybody and a peeping tom, also that the cops were overreaching, right?

However, if the follow up story is to be believed, this man has allegedly made a habit of standing at his window naked during daylight hours.  Also, there is a school bus stop across the street from his house.

So, I’m waiting to see what pans out here before getting my frothing outrage up.  If the original story is accurate, then the woman and the cops need to back off.  If you look into someone’s home without their knowledge then don’t get all offended if suddenly you’ve got a view of some beans and franks.  Quit looking.  On the other hand, if dude is intentionally exhibiting himself in his altogether before the school children, well, that’s something completely different.

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