Top Ten Things I Liked About My Cruise

I took the Norwegian Majesty from Philadelphia on a tour of Canada.  There were things about the cruise that weren’t my favorite.  However, for the most part I had a lot of fun.

So, my top ten:

10.  The fans in the bathroom.  Nuff said.

9.  The food.

8.  Not having to carry my luggage to and from my stateroom or on and off the ship.  That’s just happy.

7.  Being in an outside room with a window on an upper deck with quick access to the outside.  Oh how I loved that.  I don’t think I’ll ever agree to take a cruise without a window.  It was quite wonderful to be outside in just a couple of seconds.  Also related to this was that the deck on my floor was very nearly unused.  So I had another place to go to be mostly alone.

6. The Crew.  They were so fun.  I took the opportunity to attempt to get to know some as they went about their work.  The pair of wonderfulness who took care of my room were chatty and dear.  The guy who took photographs was very interested in me and my camera.  We chatted for quite some time after hours about cameras, immigration and such.  Every member of the crew was fabulous.  I say the following as someone who works in the service industry: NCL is effective at customer service training.  I can usually get people to tell me what they really think, I can winkle out the unhappy ones from the happy.  I saw some unhappy people, but even those few were VERY well trained in keeping their own opinions to themselves.

5. The excursions.  I’m not going to detail them here, but with the exception of that non-whale whale watching tour, we had fun every time we left the ship.

4.  Portland, Maine.  Yeah, Canada was fun and all, but oddly, I really felt like I had come home again when I got to Maine.  I’ve spent some significant time in Maine, I love it there, but it’s not like I’ve ever been to Portland before.  I love that place.  I love the islands, the water, everything.  Yes, even the weather.  I like the cold.  Don’t shoot me, but I very much like seasons and I adore the cold.  My sister says she misses seasons in San Francisco, but she hates the heat.  Me too.  But I hate the sameness even more.  Endlessly the mostly same season.  I want different.  I want a change, I need a change.  Anyway, rant over – I liked Portland.

3. Eating dinner with different people at almost every meal.  That was quite entertaining.

2. The people I met and became friends with.  Oh. So. Much. Fun.

1. Having the top deck to myself nearly every night.  I could walk alone in the wind with God on a ship filled with people.  That was priceless.  I have always been enchanted with wind.  I like to be outside when hurricanes sideswipe my state.  It’s like God is more alive in the wind than he is in the calm.  At night, the wind at sea picks up.  The top deck has no baffles, no blocks, nothing to get between me and the wind.  It was deeply wonderful to be up there alone at night with the wind.  I prayed a lot up there.  Only twice was the top deck closed off after 11:00 PM because of the wind.

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