Boobiegate! Meghan McCain’s Cleavage Troubles

You can find the breastestes in question here.  And here.  And here.  Pretty much everywhere.  Yikes.

I’ll limit my comments about Ms. McCain’s picture to this: She knew precisely what kind of response she was going to get when she posted that picture.  No woman is unaware of her breasts/cleavage.

What I find REALLY hilarious in this whole ridiculous crazy time is that CNN can’t figure out that whole “internet” thing.  Last week Wolf Blitzer let everyone know he is Obama’s water carrying poodle, so we know they don’t understand humor/satire/sarcasm.

This week Jeanne Moos, TV “Journalist”, doesn’t understand that those ads on the blogs are automatically generated.  The Other McCain was highlighted as “One blogger even paired McCain up with an ad for Pamela Anderson’s racy video!” as proof that the picture was hotting up the rightey-blogosphere.


Sheesh.  CNN sucks.  That was the only “news” available to me while I was on my cruise.  Needless to say I learned nothing to the point.  Well, except that Whoopie Goldberg doesn’t understand the difference between pain old regular rape, rape rape or rape rape rape, or even worse, rape rape rape rape, which is really very rapey afterall and even washed up has been directors who once did some nice work three decades ago can’t get away with rape rape rape rape.

Rick Sanchez is a roiling idiot.  OMG.  Just OMG.  I could not believe the stupidity I heard come out of his mouth.  I stopped listening.  That guy does news?  Dooooooood.  My four year old nephew can out think him.

Of course, Jujubee is hecka smart.

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  1. Dana says:

    LOL! As your post beautifully illustrates, the stoopid comes in many different stripes…and sizes!

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