Nobel “Peace” Prize – It’s a Joke

I thought Andy Parks on WMAL was kidding when he said it.  I was just waking up so I thought it was part of a joke I missed.  Then a moment later, Fred Grandy came back from the bathroom (at the station) to announce that HE thought it was a joke also.

It’s not a joke.  OMG. How is the news out of Oslo not a joke?  Really?

I knew the Nobel people were a couple of cans short of a picnic, especially after awarding the prize to the likes of Carter, Arafat and Algore.  Especially Arafat and Algore.  Carter is useless, but to award the peace prize to a terrorist and a guy who made a film so full of error that the British courts labeled it propaganda just proves the point that the “prize” is a useless piece of meaninglessness.

But now these idiots have awarded the peace prize to Obama.  Who, by the way, was nominated for it after serving as POTUS for less than 14 frickin days!!!!!  Are. You. Kidding. Me???????????

In the future, just so you know, anyone who gets the Nobel Peace Prize should remember that it is totally meaningless.  Utterly without any weight or gravity because it is so totally divorced from any actual meaning.

Well, on the bright side the Obama’s get to go to Europe again.

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  1. Jon says:

    I told you he was the antichrist! 😉

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