I detest the whole “awareness” phenomenon.  Labeling some day, week, month as “National Toe Jam Awareness Day” is just annoying.  “Raising awareness” becomes an end in itself, with nothing accomplished.

Rather like the way Keith Olbermann fights death.

I do my best to ignore any effort to raise my awareness to anything, I look away and try to scrub it from my mind.

So imagine my chagrin when I realize I’ve unwittingly participated in committing an “awareness”.  I had a doctor’s appointment, of a personal nature, moved from August to October, then moved again at the last minute to this morning.  Then, in the midst of said personal nature appointment I was given referrals for some other appointments of an even more personal nature.  I decided to see if I could just accomplish all personal events in one day and be done with all personal medical incidents.

I was accommodated and promptly achieved a state of x-rayed and extremely squished boobies.  Ouch.  Thank you very much.

It was terribly unintentional on my part to have a mammogram during breast cancer month.  Dammit.   What was merely an impatient demand to be done with it was turned into a congratulations for being “aware”, which I am not.

Dammit.  And it hurt too.

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