Sydney, Cape Breton


Nice violin, no?  Yes.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Hint, I took that picture while standing.

Sydney, Cape Breton is about as close to Scotland as you can get, it seems, and still be on the North American continent.  Their forebears came largely from Scotland, as they will delight in telling you.  They’ve a bit of a lilt in their accent and a deep delight in their culture.  Tartans rule the island and as it is a remote seaport, it’s got a feel of the middle of the last century to it.

We took a tour of the harbor in a small boat that spends most of the summer season ferrying people around to watch puffins and seals.  Lovely, beautiful, wish you were here.  I’ll post many more pictures later.  For now, just this one:


After the harbor tour Dad and I stopped for lunch at an Irish pub.  The food was good.

However…the pub owners and decorators were a bit confused about what island they were honoring.  The wait staff in this Irish pub were all wearing kilts.  Scottish kilts.  To make matters worse, the picture below greeted everyone:

johnny depp

Oh. My.  It made me giggle.  A lot.  I had to sneak the picture since the proprietress was right there and was obviously proud of her pub.  The food, as I said, was good.

They are also, rightly, very proud of their oatcakes, which are really more of an oatey shortbread than cake.  I’ll post a recipe when I post everything else, from home.

Okay, the violin.  This is a full picture of the violin:


More to come…

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  1. Dana says:

    Vivian Louise, your first photograph is just really good.

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