The Ghost of Pictures Past

I was just clearing up my memory on my laptop and came across a picture I took in Lithuania of a mushroom:

lithuania 2 008

Since Journalspace died and ate all my posts for two whole frickin’ years! including the ones of my trip to Lithuania, I thought I’d repost a few.

This is my brother and his awesomely lovely wife:

lithuania 2 022

This is one of my favorite pictures of them.  They just look so cool.

lithuania 2 044

This is St. Anne’s Cathedral in Vilius.  It’s pretty much the daintiest thing I’ve ever seen made of brick.

lithuania 2 041

Just look at it, so detailed and ornate.  And brick.  We didn’t get to go inside because it was under restoration from when the Soviets used it to take a crap in or whatever it was that the Soviets did to desecrate the church.

lithuania 2 010

This is my brother, his lovely wife and his lovely mother in law on the way home after the mushroom picking expedition.  To this day, that day remains one of my favorite ever.  I loved being in the woods, the way it smelled, hunting mushrooms, listening for the others to make sure I didn’t get lost.  I loved the way the sunlight filtered through the trees.  It was rather heavenly.  Also, I had a knife and was using it. 😀

lithuania 1 072

This was taken at the Hill of Crosses.  Go read about it.  It was certainly and without doubt the largest collection of crosses/crucifixes I’ve ever seen anywhere.  In some places they are piled up over my head, mostly wooden.

We also got to visit an old Soviet era nuclear missile complex.  SOOOOO cool.  We even climbed inside the missile launch area itself and saw the degree marks for targeting.  It was dirty and rusty but still so fascinating.

Soviet Nukes 4

Soviet Nukes 6

Soviet Nukes 7

Above is a cradle that stored extras or something.  My Lithuanian is pretty much nonexistent and my sister in law was translating as fast as she could and it was three years ago.  I’m pretty sure the guide said it stored extra bits of nuclear missile.  I have yet to grow an extra arm from my spine, so I think it’s all cleaned up.  Though, now that I look at it all, there is a deplorable lack of that thick radiation resistant paint they slathered everything with at Rocky Flats.  (I used to be able to see it from my bedroom window.)

Soviet Nukes Grandpa

And, lastly, here is Captain Cheerful in front of the door that lead to the corridor that lead to the hallway that lead to the foyer of the launching silo.  I didn’t take pictures inside the silo and I’m kicking myself over that.  I’m quite irritated with me.

lithuania 2 028

This is the castle at Trakai.  Super wonderful castle and also, a rather wonderful museum filled with with all sort of Lithuaniany things.  I love castles AND museums so what could be better?

Last picture, this is the base of the TV Tower around which centered the Lithuanian rebellion against their Soviet oppressors in 1991.  It was really awe inspiring to think about what they did and how.  Did you know that the Soviets were the only ones with the guns?  These people persistently and peacefully protested the Iron Curtain down.  They were the rebellion that broke the Sovet back and began the break up of the CCCP.  Halleluia! Thank God for them.

lithuania 2 047

As I remind myself of the history of this particular rebellion, I really think there is something to learn from them.

I also wish with all my heart that Obama had taken the time to learn more Soviet history and would have understood the nature of Putin and his KGB-Soviet-ness.  I think Obama is blundering here badly.  The monumental mistake of cancelling those missile sites is breathtaking.  I hope to God that the Soviets won’t come back.  My gut tells me they already are.

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  1. Dana says:

    What a treat, VL. Glad you posted them.

  2. Jon says:

    That looks like a happy mushroom. Ah-flashbacks of Grateful Dead concerts.

  3. Trakai and the castle are truly a beautiful place. Like something out of a fairytale, but we are able to see and enjoy it for ourselves!

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