Between Jimmy Carter, the worst POTUS EVER, and Bill Cosby, a man I normally respect, and many others, it is evident that the logically bankrupt fallacy of “assuming the motives of a person you don’t know” is alive and well in the land.

According to these two men and others, to disagree with Obama’s policies is to act upon your inner racist.


I detested the idea of a national health care system just as hotly when the First Black President, Bill Clinton, suggested it.  I don’t hate it more now because a black man presented the idea.  I hate it more now because I understand more now about the dangers and pitfalls of a government run health care system.

I was as vehemently against the bailouts under GWB as I am under BHO.  My vehemence is stronger now because we are in more DEBT now.

I hate the national debt, not black people.

I hate increasing the national debt, not black people.

I hate government intrusions into my life, not black people.

I HATE socialism, communism, Marxism, not black people.

I hate hypocrisy, not black people.

I hate abortion, not black people.

I hate the continued eugenic plans of Margaret Sanger that are still being carried out in Planned Parenthood clinics, not black people.

I hate the government take over of GM, not black people.

I hate high taxes and confiscatory “fees”, not black people.

I hate organizations that prey upon poor people and use a cover of community organizing benevolence to accomplish keeping poor people poor and committing crimes, not black people.

I hate tax-evaders who then impose tax law on OTHER people, not black people.

And I will be honest about all of these things that I hate whether they are promoted by black people or white people or little green people.

What I really hate is when someone assumes they know the inner workings of my heart and mind when they do not.  I hate when they assume racist motives when it’s really fiscal motives.  I really hate that a lot.

I’m also going to say that calling out “RACIST!” every time someone disagrees with a black person is going to backfire.  It is going to backfire badly.  The boy who cried wolf came to a bad end.  The men who cry racist can only expect the same.

This is not a threat.  To quote the current POTUS, again, LET ME BE CLEAR – I am commenting on a bad habit prevalent in our culture.  I am merely posting a warning.  If you, the racism-accusers, really want to see racism, keep it up.

On the other hand, if you really want a post racial country, one in which every person really is judged by their own actions and the content (or lack) of their character, then quit the accusations of racism and get on with the business of discussing policy.  Because these arguments are all about policy.

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