BMW Lightbulb Commercial

This commercial bothers me every time I see it.

Watch it, then I will share my irritation with you:

See the lightbulb the guy is holding?  It’s one of those abominations-of-environmental-insanity-dogooderism-gone-wrong compact flourescents.  I HATE those bulbs.  The light sucks, you can’t dim them, they flicker when they come on and take a few minutes to come up to full strength.  I hate them.

So, the thing that bothers me about this commercial?  Did you see how fast and perfectly the lights in the ceiling went on?  Just like a buttload of my beloved incandescents.  They turn on all the way right away and give off REALLY pleasant light.  There is no way that’s a ceiling full of stupid CFs.

I looked at the bulbs and they seem to be the basic shape of the blasted and satanic CF bulbs, but I’m telling you, they came on too fast and not a one of them flickered.   They were NOT CF’s.

Soon the king of lighting, my beloved incandescents will be discontinued.  And those stupid idiots wasted a ton of them on that stupid green commercial.  Arrrrgh!

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9 Responses to BMW Lightbulb Commercial

  1. Brandi says:

    Have you tried instant-ons? I, like you, HATE CFs. My husband loves CFs, and I threatened him with his life if he put them in our bathroom, kitchen or closets. Those are places I need my light immediately, not when the bulb feels like being bright.

    He secretly replaced them with instant-on CFs, and I admit that I thought they were my old school 99 cent light bulbs until he showed me what he’s done more than a month later.

  2. Gale Hackett says:

    How very bizarre to see the spokesperson holding an energy saving lightbulb, apparently to signify a “green” policy and then overhead THOUSANDS of bulb are lit!
    I suspect that the thousands of bulbs exist only in virtual reality and I wonder if that is where your ad agency resides.

    Gale Hackett

  3. Phelps says:

    I don’t have any problem with them flickering anymore, but they wouldn’t use them in a television commercial anyways because the color temperature is all wrong. They wouldn’t be able to mix the light without getting seriously effed up colors. (Can’t even mix incandescent and sunlight, which is why they started using halogen lights — same color temp as sunlight, so you can mix them.)

    Having done a few lighting gigs, I’m betting that there is a false ceiling with a bunch of swirlies stuck into it to act as light tubes / diffusers, and a bank of TV lights above the fake ceiling, keyed to come up with all the keys and fills that are coming in from the sides.

  4. poohzcrew says:

    I have to lean with Brandi on this one. I have instant-on warm white CFs in any of my lights that will accept them, and they’re great. I even have a 3-way instant-on warm white CF in my bedside lamp. My kitchen fixture takes circular fluorescent bulbs, but they have those in warm white, too, now. I get the bright light and energy savings, as well as lighting that’s pretty darn close to incandescent in feel.

    I can’t speak to color temperature and lighting gigs, though.

  5. vivianlouise says:

    Phelps, that makes more sense. I’ve never done a lighting gig, so there it is.

    As for Warm White CF…I’ll try it. I still think I’ll prefer incandescent. I like halogen, but those are hard to get a hold of since idiots kept setting their homes on fire by using them incorrectly.

  6. steve preston says:

    Ah,someone else noticed! Exactly right – those are rows and rows of electronically sequenced incandescent bulbs,pure and simple. Just another example of a bad Leftist idea having to be deceitfully presented before anybody will buy in. Subtle,but the same thing.

  7. dd says:

    This commercial irritates me. Talk about irresposibility. Holding a mercury-filled light bulb made in China. Don’t drop the bulb. You just about need a HAZ-MAT suit to clean up the mercury contamination!!!

  8. Mamaslyth says:

    Okay, I don’t know what brand you’ve dealt with, but I never seen those flicker. We’re visiting my parents at the moment, so I took a moment to check their bulbs and instant light, without flickering. I wish the long, straight ones were as good.

  9. jake says:

    Yeah this BMW commercial is really stupid. He’s talking about being green and saving energy, but above him are like a million light bulbs that just about uses up tons of energy anyway. BMW’s version of economical and fuel efficient means 10mpg. BMW sucks anyway and is over rated.

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