Those Wacky Community Organizers

In case you’ve missed it, though if you actually read my blog I can’t imagine you have, ACORN is currently experiencing some lets-call-them-glitches.

A pair of young activists have caught on tape ACORN offices in Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, San Bernadino and San Diego giving some oh-lets-call-it-advice for setting up a brothel with 13 underage children imported illegally from El Salvador.  Also, there are more examples to come.

One office, it’s bad employees.

Two offices, maybe it’s a local issue and hiring problems in the region.

Five offices?  That reveals the culture of the organization.  If you get the exact same nefarious advice from 5 office spread out across the country, you have taken the corporate temperature of an organization.

My other thought is that these people weren’t thrown by this because they deal with these sorts of requests for criminal/tax evading/child prostitution advice frequently enough that they didn’t bother to report it to the main office.  And that they regularly comply with helpful tidbits of advice to a blossoming prostitute-pimp-child-prostitution-slave-owner that they didn’t blink.

Also, they get millions from the Federal Government.

Awesome, no?

And the No-So-Mailstream-Media ignored all of it until it could no longer look away.  Jon Stewart of the Daily Show just woke up and smelled the coffin he voted himself:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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