Kanye West – Still a Douchy Gay Fish

It would seem that everyone in the world knows that Kanye West is a douchebag.  Well, except for Kanye West.

As a rule I don’t watch award shows, I think they are boring and I could use my time more productively picking my toes or combing Moxie. The morning news always gives me the irrelevant highlights anyway, so why bother?  I get the results without the pain of having to sit through all the celebrity twaddle.

BUT! It means I miss moments of stellar and galactically sized douchebaggery like Kanye West interupting Taylor Swift (who is she?) during her acceptance speech for some award for something.

Kanye West’s epic douchebaggery earned him an episode of South Park mockery.  I must say, he earned it.

Without further ado – Kanye West likes fishsticks.  He likes to put them in his mouth.  Kanye West is a gay fish.

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