Moxie’s Sunday

Moxie the Cat, who keeps her twitter account raggedly up to date, had such a nice Sunday afternoon.

It started out when her pet, me, came home to find quite the vomit mine field in the hallway.  After her pet, me, cleaned it up, Moxie took a nap.

Later, after her nap, Moxie spent some quality time eating grass so she could vomit it up later for her pet, me, to clean up.

Then she sat for a portrait:

moxie grass

Then she rolled around on the concrete so her pet, me, could comb it out later:


Afterwards, she went back inside and found a new toy to play with.  A toy she could make to suffer the way she suffers when her pet, me, combs out her coat:

dead salamander

Moxie’s pet’s niece, Yertl, cleaned up the remains of the now dead new toy.  (Thank you, Yertl.)

Moxie’s pet, me, should have known from the other portrait I took, that she would kill something today…

Moxie face

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  1. jinzy says:

    And all I got today was a glass snake….

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