Movie Review – To End All Wars

On the anniversary of the beginning of WWII lastthis month, Steve Hayward at NRO gave a bleg for readers favorite WWII books.  I sent an email with mine, which I mentioned here.  He sent me an email suggesting I’d like the movie “To End All Wars“, so I put it in my Netflix queueueueue and got it today.

Dad and I just finished watching it a couple of minutes ago.  Oh. My.

It’s the story of men captured by the Japanese and made slaves to build a railroad.  Mostly it’s the story of humanity in desperate places when all you have left is you.  Based on the book, Through the Valley of the Kwai, Ernest Gordon’s autobiography of his time as a POW.

See it.

Also, don’t miss the special features.  Seriously, that’s almost the best part because of moments like this:

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