Late Summer Color

YAY!  Close up pictures of the flowers in my garden!!!!!  YAY!!!

Regular ImpatiensRegular old impatiens.  Pretty but a bit boring.

Double ImpatienDouble Impatien PinkA pair of close ups of the double impatiens.

HibiscusI have two of these Hibiscus, they aren’t hardy so they will die at the end of the summer, one on each side of the walk on the patio.

ColeusI love coleus.  It adds all sorts of color all the time with it’s leaves, no blooms involved.  I can rely on it to be pretty regardless of bloom time.

Fairy RosesFairy Roses will bloom all summer long if you keep deadheading the bushes.

pretty thingI don’t know what these are, they came without a tag.  I just know that I like them.

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2 Responses to Late Summer Color

  1. guardadocumentos says:

    very nice , colorful and beautiful flowers .

  2. michael says:

    love the shot of the hibiscus. very nice.

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