Woodstock at 40

Pretty much my response to Woodstock memories is “Gosh, can I get my teeth cleaned now?”  Usually it’s just a “Meh” and I turn the Ramones up louder.

I’m tired of hearing about how awesome the 60’s were.  The old hippies wore out their welcome long ago.  They went radical and never came back to reality, now they run our government, or their little buddies do.

The music is for the most part not to my taste, I think the Beatles are over rated and really can’t stand Joan Baez, so I doubt I’m a good judge of the people that actually played at Woodstock.  Yeah, I know the Beatles didn’t play.

The culture of war protests embeded itself so deeply in the left they never stop to think about just wars.  Like Cindy Sheehan, many think that being nice to Hitlers will get us into peace times.

Mostly what I can’t stand about that generation is the complete navel gazing nature of their conversation.  blah blah blah Haight Ashbury blah blah blah Altamont blah blah blah protests….blah.

It doesn’t help that I don’t think much actual good came from the 60’s counter culture movement.  I can’t but help to lay the blame for disco directly at the feet of Woodstock.  And for that great sin, nothing can repay.  Thankfully, Punk Rock and New Wave ripped disco up by the roots and kicked it’s ass for good.

Just for some relief if you are overwhelmed with Woodstockian music this weekend:

First up – the awesome New Order with Ceremony:

Next – The Ramones’ version of the Spiderman Theme song – with CARTOON RAMONES!!!!  How so totally rad is that?  So.

Lastly, maybe, The Sugarcubes with some Birthday:

(I always secretly loved that awful swan dress of Bjork’s.)

Okay, really, last one.  Bow Wow Wow.

Let me just tell you, that guitarist with the mohawk?  Love him.  Still.  So much.   Mucho punk rock wanna be hubbas.

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3 Responses to Woodstock at 40

  1. Nancy says:

    They do celebrate themselves a lot, don’t they? I was thinking about that the other day. They remember protesting the War and bringing the boys home, but not leaving tens of thousands to die. They remember pushing America out of Vietnam but not the Khmer Rouge may have been emboldened by that departure and murdered what? 1.3 million?

    They remember the fun of opening up Pandora’s Box of drugs, but see no connection the meth addictions currently plaguing small towns..

    I guess every generation navel-gazes their youth. I’ll look back on mine and remember moral confusion.

  2. Nancy says:

    Also, I watched Dr. Helen’s interview with the Hawaiian polyamorists. The two of them looked like a couple of nice old hippies. Contrast their looks with the pictures on their Web site.

    Those kids aren’t polyamorists–they’re models and those photos are stock art. Who wouldn’t be interested in polyamory with models? But what’s the actual reality? Old hippies.

    PS I can’t but help to lay the blame for disco directly at the feet of Woodstock.

    Hilarious. I don’t like much disco, don’t care for the BeeGees, but their little brother Andy? I get a little melty inside when one of his songs comes on.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Nancy, I look at my youth and think “Why didn’t Billy Idol marry me?”


    When I hear the old hippies talk about protesting the Vietnam War they never ever bring up that their hero, Kennedy, got them into it. It’s like both Kennedy and Johnson didn’t have anything to do with it at all Vietnam and it blossomed whole the day Nixon was inaugurated. You are right, they will never look at what they left behind in Southeast Asia. I’m thinking Britain will do the same thing in Afghanistan and leave us and the Lithuanians holding that bag.

    Polyamory – I read an article about it not too long ago. Old hippies/old disco peeps. I checked the website, sure enough it’s peopled entirely with young attractive models.

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