Don’t Tax Me Bro

I am LOVING watching the town hall meetings between congressmen and senators and their ticked off constituents. 

Like this one in Austin, Texas:

Just say no.  Just do it, okay?

And then this one with Arlen Specter.  Hilarity results when he tells the crowd that Health Care Reform has to happen FAST!

This last one is from Setauket, New York.  The man I love and adore is the old man who challenges Tim Bishop’s assertion that the VA is an example of wonderful health care.  I think because of the age range the gentleman is a Korean War era vet.  This wonderful Vet then shouts down Bishop and demands to know if HE has ever had to use the VA as a vet.  Bishop says no, the Vet is not satisfied and then tells him what it’s like and then pretty much spits on the floor.  Awesome.

I’ve said it before, if congress can fix the VA, make it work, make it profitable AND a place I am not ashamed of – then and only then will I even consider it time to begin to consider the question of national health care reform.

Actually, I want the government to fix Medicaid, Medicare and the Indian health care system first.  Prove to us, oh political class, that you are responsible with our money.  PROVE that you are worthy and capable of holding the trust of the American people.

I think you are not.  I think the whole lot needs to be fired and we begin again with citizen politicans, men and women who love the Constitution, who detest government intrusion into our personal lives, who have self imposed term limits and desire to return to their pre-service careers.  As it is we are now served by people whose first lesson in politics is to say “Do you know who I am?” with sufficient scorn and elitist edge.

Throw them out of office.

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4 Responses to Don’t Tax Me Bro

  1. Here’s another reason for Tim Bishop of NY to fear his constituents. displays screenshots (link is on the left column) of “stimulus” projects in New York’s 1st Congressional District that were supposed to create jobs, but the monetary awards are to out of district companies! This is probably true for other districts, too.

  2. Dana says:

    Your last para is spot-on priceless.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Richard, I’m not surprised about the out of district awards. How else to reward cronies? It’s not about these politicians serving the people who elected them. It’s all about retaining power and influence. Actually doing the right thing? Not even a thought with them.

    Thanks Dana. I really mean it. These politicians take for granted the freedom and liberties they preserve for themselves in their attempts to take them away from us.

    Now, if we can just convince people to inform themselves BEFORE they vote. Because really, how much blame can fall on Barney Frank without it also falling on the asshats who have reelected him time after time after time. Frank J is right, it’s also time to ask THEM to be accountable.

  4. emmy says:

    Having had to utilize government run healthcare my entire adult life I can reliably assert, vocalize, and testify to the fact that it is badly run, worse than inadequately staffed, given to mis-diagnosis that can , and probably does, cause death to those it purports to serve, and is less accountable than your average 3 year old.

    not to mention that it charges veterans for it’s mis-guided services and they have no recourse- especially when they are still active.

    but gee who’s complainin’ ??

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