My True Love…Can’t Spell My Name

So I am at Whole Foods yesterday picking up some noms, like Nancy’s Camembert, a baguette and some veggies.   After all the regular noms are picked I head up to find some Chocolove.

I love chocolate.  Not in a “Hersheys is great” kind of way.  You can have my share of Hersheys.  I’m not a fan of milk chocolate and I actively hate Hersheys dark chocolate, it’s way too sweet and cloying.  Yuck.

No, I like chocolate in a dark, bitter, I’ll cut you if you get in my path to the Chocolove 75% bar kind of way.  I like varietal chocolates.  I’m a chocolate snob. (I’m not a fan of Godiva either.)

So, like I always do when I’m confronted with the  section of awesome high end expensive chocolate bars at Whole Foods…I take my time and see if anything calls to me.

At the bottom something caught my eye…could it be?  Has someone finally recognized my devotion to fine, dark, bittersweet chocolate and honored my love by naming a chocolate bar after me?  Is this truuuu…..


They spelled my name wrong.  I nearly cried.

Well, I didn’t cry, I bought a bar.  It’s good.  Really good.

But they got my name wrong.  *sniff*

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6 Responses to My True Love…Can’t Spell My Name

  1. Dana says:

    Oh that’s funny. Vivian is comforted by a little bit of Viviani ! Seems fitting.

  2. mtsidad says:

    Boehm’s Chocolates here in Issaquah has some truly wonderful dark, buttery, rich chocolate with varying levels of chocolate “essence” (i can’t think of the right name, and their website is truly, maddeningly, and bizarrely hard to navigate to find out how they market their dark chocolate). But I just had a few bites this week of their little dark chocolate hearts – dark, bitter, smooth, delicious.

    • Ted says:

      Have a look at the best dark chocolate to hit the market so far. If you’d like some free samples, just email us and we’ll get some out to you!

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Ted, thanks but no thanks. There is no chocolate in the world good enough to tempt me anywhere near a pyramid scheme.

    mtsidad – I’ll look them up, thanks! I’m always looking for good pyramid scheme free chocolate!

  4. mtsidad says:

    I seriously fall for Boehm’s. Most of the time I can take it or leave it on chocolate, because it’s usually “filler” — Hershey’s and Nestle’s being examples of commodity chocolate. But Boehm’s is rich dark velvet butter.

    I have to consciously measure out the portions so I don’t each all of it at one sitting, because that leads to unhappiness.

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