Healthcare By The Watery Light

Iowahawk aka Dave Burge brings us back to that night when man first walked on the Moon and Mary Jo Kopechne drowned in Ted Kennedy’s car.  Brilliant satire, really, the man hurts me.  There.  You know?

It reminds me of my favorite Kennedy themed bumpersticker:

The healthcare debate this week was exhausting and endlessly not informative.  I’ve written to my congress man, Steny Hoyer, and Senators, Cardin and Mikulski, encouraging them to not pass that piece of craptacular Soviet legislation.

The good thing about this week is this:

Isn’t that pretty?

Do we need healthcare reform?  I suppose we do.  Though, I personally don’t think that people who can’t be bothered to get a job by aquiring a skill that offers insurance should necessarily expect me to pay for thier stupidity.  Do I think the system can be made more efficient?  Sure.

Let me ask a question, though, when has the government EVER done anything efficiently?  Have the offerings of public healthcare already out there been successful? Medicare?  Medicaide? The VA?  NOOOOOO!

Why in the name of all that’s holy would we hand over to those idiots a 15th of our country’s GDP?

I tell you what, the day the Congress of the United States runs it’s own dang building with a minimum of waste and is vigilant against corruption amoung its own I’ll CONSIDER it.

Until then:

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