Updated – Sarah Palin Resigns

UPDATE: I’ve thought about Sarah Palin’s resignation most of last night and this morning.  As I have I’ve become more and more convinced that there is one man above all others who bears the burden of the vile/vindictive/insane attacks on her children – John McCain.  Yeah, you heard me, John McCain.  Has anyone heard him recently tell anyone to lay off the kids?  Any one got any evidence he’s talked to his cowardly staffers to shut their cake-holes?  Any one?  I don’t think so.  He has behaved in a distinctly non-gallant, non-honorable way towards the woman whom HE and HIS campaign elevated to national attention.  McCain needs to get out there and frickin do something about the way HIS staff treats Sarah Palin.  He needs to appologize to her for leaving her out in the open with no cover, no support and under friendly fire.

I never wanted his to be the candidate anyway, he rested to heavily on his “maverick” street cred, which was to me, always all about HIM and never about the country, never about rendering honest & honorable service to the country he says he loves.  Gah!

More here.  And here.

I’m curious about her decision.  Really curious.  I’m curious about the timing and the rush.  I wonder if it’s about the kids.  8 months after the end of the election, the Palins as a family have remained in the crosshairs of the haters.  That’s just insane.

Maybe there is a scandal coming down the pike.  Who knows.

Charles Krauthammer just said what I’ve been thinking – that the family is at the end of their rope with the endless attacks.  There’s the attacks on Bristol, on Willow and Trig.  So far Piper is the only one who has escaped the crosshairs of the asshats.  I’m still loving when Piper licked her hand and smoothed Trig’s hair at the convention.  That was adorable.  That most of the attacks were reserved for Trig, the Palin’s baby, was just disgusting.

My greatest sadness is that it wasn’t Mark Sanford resigning instead.  He should.

I like Sarah Palin, a lot.  I really think if the attacks had just been about her, she wouldn’t have cared.  But the left kept on, and McCain’s people kept on.  From here it looks like the pro-abortion types on the left who spewed venom on Palin’s kids couldn’t stand the fact of Trig. The fact that the Palins knowingly brought a Down’s Syndrom child into the world flipped their crap right out of all sanity.  Remember that Dr. Lalonde from Canada early after her addition to the ticket who was pissed off about it because it would encourage other women to keep their DS childrenHe was pissed because children would NOT be killed because they were less than perfect.

The insane accusations spewed by the likes on Wonkette and her readers mouthbreathers is outside the pale.  Of course, typical to the internet, these idiots feel free to vent their unhinged wickedness on a woman they have never met based on media reports that aren’t true, have been proven to be falsehoods.  Then there is the only gay man in the world who has made a career of obessing over a woman’s uterus, Andrew Sullivan.

I love Sarah.  I hope the Palin’s are okay.

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6 Responses to Updated – Sarah Palin Resigns

  1. Phelps says:

    Actually, Piper got pulled in over the hair licking thing. The claim was that if one of the Obama girls had done that, white people would have claimed that it was gross, not cute.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    After I wrote that I saw some ass had taken a picture of Sarah, Todd and Piper at the announcement and used the magic of photoshop to give Piper a baby bump.


  3. Machinist says:

    Followed you from Patterico’s. I have been impressed with your comments there. My compliments.

    I think another factor on Sarah is the standard Democrat tactic of constant ethics charges. It costs them nothing to file these but the victim must pay lawyers, win or lose. I think her bills have topped a half million dollars with no end in sight, and these are working class people. She is facing bankruptcy for her family, smears on her honor and reputation from both sides, attacks on her children that just lead to more smears if she objects, and little support from those she has tried to help. Some people get rich in office. She has not, as she has tried to serve the people of Alaska. Why would she risk putting her family on the street for people who are so ungrateful and give her so little support? Add in whatever family matters may be involved and I can’t blame her at all.

    This may be best for her, but not for America.

  4. Dana says:

    Vivian Louise,

    I agree re John McCain and him having stood up for her and firmly stood – publicly- against those who slammed her. However, I think the Republican hierarchy, from the top down should have also made a strident stand. If the party collective had done that, I think it would have weakened the media’s power over our party or at least, put them on notice. I would have loved to see everyone from Boehner to McCain to the House members, to Lieberman, just everyone show some balls, show they are all on the side of ethical behavior and demand, and make a stand.

    Perhaps if they had even early on, it would not have gotten to the despicable point it has.

  5. vivianlouise says:

    I agree, Dana. I want to see someone in leadership put their foot down. They won’t or can’t. I blame McCain most of all because she was HIS pick. The rest of them – eunuchs.

    I’m totally ready to campaign to throw them all out, clean slate – no incumbents. They are ALL corrupt. I haven’t looked at the constitutionality of term limits, but I’m willing to amend that venerable document to include them. That Ted “She’s in the water” Kennedy is still in power is beyond me. Same with Byrd, the former Grand Dragon of the KKK. Careerist politicians need to get the boot, we need citizen pols, people who have actually worked for a living.

    “T’row da bums out!” That’s my cry.

    • Emmy says:

      perhaps we should force them all into summer school where they have to re-read the part where being on politics is a SERVICE to the people and not a career choice???

      nope- that won’t work, they would have to be able to read……………………..


      nope- back to figuring out where to put the moats.

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