Fun with Bodice Ripping! Now With More Cheese!

From Ace of Spades:

The cover of the new Mark Sanford book here.


Whew, yeah, that’s good stuff.

The comments, by the way, are much better than the cover to the new Mark “Squicky Lovewords” Sanford book, hopefully the soon to be ex-Governor of South Carolina, he with the diarrhea of the mouth problem.

Back to the comments.  Oh My!

Like this one: He dipped his man-spoon into her quivering cup of lady-chowder.

Or this: “He tore the fine silk binding her globes of passion, freeing them to his smoldering gaze. They glistened in anticipation of his touch. He whispered words to her, words of fiscal conservatism and smaller government, and she found herself growing damp with desire for his sword of energy independence.”


Now, hopefully, Sanford will resign and find another outlet for his squickily TMI words of love for his latin lady friend and do right by his wife and children.  Sheesh.  Do women find that crap attractive?  Euw.

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2 Responses to Fun with Bodice Ripping! Now With More Cheese!

  1. Mike Licht says:

    Sanford has a hot story but no book deal. How long can that last?


  2. Emmy says:

    No- Women do not find that crap attractive, as you well know, being one. However juvenile minded twits with overgrown hormone glands and a need to play with the boys in the power suits might….

    I just always figured- never play with somebody when you know that whathehellever you do is going to end up on the front of a newspaper because of what they do for a living- unless it’s something you think your parents, kids and pets would be really happy to see there

    but then we all agree that I am a tad odd 🙂

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