When Predators Attack

Full disclosure: I own a cat.  I’ve owned other cats.  I watch cats. 

This video is billed as “Angry Lion Attacks French Woman”.  It so isn’t.  Anyone with a passing knowledge of cats, even house cats, can see this lion isn’t angry at all.  That it lets it’s owner rub it’s belly right after shows that this animal isn’t angry.

That look in the lion’s eyes as it stared at this woman was clear.  I saw it right away.  She was easy prey.  The lion isn’t angry, it’s just doing what lions do, hunting.  It may be a pet, but it is still wild.  The owner was an idiot not to distract the lion once it fixated on her.

I think the lion is cute.

I can’t get the stupid video to embed.  I’ll work on that later.  Dang it!

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1 Response to When Predators Attack

  1. Emmy says:

    I didn’t watch the video- but I totally agree- we just had a family call 911 here- surprised and upset because their 8 1/2 foot python killed their toddler.
    and blamed the “stupid’ snake that they had corralled with a rope and blankets! I happen to be a huge animal lover as you well know- usually more than people- but for the sake of all that is holy- these are Wild animals- doing nothing more than what they do!!
    and of course the snake was killed- for nothing more than being a snake. I n my humble opinion both the parents should have been put down for terminal stupidity for having the snake in the house with a toddler and not having it at least correctly kept in a locked cage.

    Why are stupid people allowed to breed????

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