On Honduras and Democracy

Unbelievably, I am forced to note that the leader of my country has sided with thugs, murderers and avowed dictators on the matter of Honduras.  It’s not that I don’t believe Obama holds these views.  It’s that I am unable to believe anyone who lives in a free society would choose to uphold the claims of a renegade Marxist against the actions of a government charged with maintaining the integrity of a constitution that was voted on and approved by the people of Honduras.

Unlike the situation in Iran where Obama disappointed by siding with a dictator by remaining silent and then obfuscating his support for an obviously fraudulent election – The “It’s not a coup if the Supreme Court of the country ORDERED the military to arrest the President according to the laws set in place by the constitution” situation in Honduras made Obama charge the gates and damn the torpedoes so he could get out in front of the world to agree with Chavez.  For crying out loud, is there any common sense in Washington?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Just a hint, Obama Administration, if you find your self on the same side as Chavez, The Castro Boys and the UN, you are on the wrong side.  Get it right.


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