My Jon & Kate + 8 Post

I’ve never watched the show from start to finish.  I’ve never been interested in the show.  The one part of a show I watched was awful, Mom is a shrew, Dad is a weakling, kids screaming.  Then I turned to a 1984 rerun of Scooby Doo because that’s actually interesting.

So some mismatched pair of self-absorbed over-breeders is separating.  I don’t watch the show but I can’t get away from the bloody coverage and obsession over this ridiculous couple.  Who didn’t see the dissolution of the marriage coming?  I didn’t have to watch the show to know that if you add cameras, money and fame for FAME’S SAKE and you get instant corruption.  HELLO!!!!!

Just as I can’t seem to dive for the remote quickly enough to look away from the unholy shipwreck that is Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montaug, or Speidi, on some new “reality-ish” show.  There you have another pair of self-absorbed convictionless asshats begging for attention and claiming that they got tricked by the Devil.   Riiiiiiiight.  You didn’t get tricked, you signed that Faustian pact in your very own blood.

The nature of celebrity these days and of fame is a grotesque abomination and an endless display of lesser, baser impulses glorified in persons of questionable character and obviously shallow natures.

Jon & Kate?  I just want to know who is going to pay for all the therapy those 8 children are going to need.  The parents have the lives they earned and deserve.

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3 Responses to My Jon & Kate + 8 Post

  1. Mexigogue says:

    Don’t watch those stupid lowbrow shows, watch Charm School with Ricky Lake!! Goooooooo BRITTANYA!!! 😀

  2. Dana says:

    Wow. As if life isn’t hard enough and these people wanted to live it out loud on television? No surprise they are splitting up. I’m sure she’ll have a new single-mom of 8 show next season. Bah.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Mexi, hahahaha.

    Dana, I hope to God not. I don’t watch it, but my corneas are seared at the check out line all the bleeping time.

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