BBQ Diplomacy – BHO to Iran, “have a rib”

In the midst of a bloody government crackdown against a population struggling for the right of self-determination, the Obama Administration has not recinded invites to the representatives of said cracking-down government to the 4th of July Embassy BBQ celebrated in Embassies world wide.

For real?  On the day we celebrate the signing of the document that made official our determination to throw off the yoke of tyranny and to take up the yoke of self determination – we will break bread and suck ribs alongside the official agents of a government who is doing stuff like this:

And this:

See that sign?  The one that asks “Where’s My Vote?”  It’s written in English not Farsi.  Who precisely do you think that sign was written for, President?  (cough*you*cough).

What about all the video, pictures and descriptions of brutality online?

Dictatorships & Tyranny.  Can’t live with it, pass the coleslaw.

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