UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

Via Allahpundit – an obit of Neda.

Time has a piece up that hopefully gets the cultural things correct in regards to the consequences of “Neda’s” death. If true, 40 days from yesterday the mourning will get even more intense.  We can only watch and pray from here.

My friend, Penny says, and I agree, that the hardest thing about sitting a world away watching events like this unfold from the safety of my chair in America is that I can think and pray, which I am doing, but what I can’t do is the next thing – act.  My hands are tied, I can’t bring a meal to that girl’s family to help them get through this awful grief.  I can’t hug the mother, I can’t give shelter to the wounded.  So I think, read and pray more.

If her identification is accurate, here is a short bio and a picture of her in life, not losing it.

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3 Responses to UPDATED: More on “Neda”…

  1. Dana says:

    Vivian Louise, pray for them – absolutely, but I also think we who are able to bear witness, through the many videos and photos coming out of Iran, are obligated to do so. If the regime is successful in cutting off communication to the outside world and no one is looking, then the real hell will take place. So it seems important to be willing to look, acknowledge and agree with one’s own eye, precisely what is being sacrificed.

  2. vivianlouise says:

    Thank you, Dana. I’ve been doing just that, watching and passing on as much information as I can.

  3. emm says:

    Things like this are the sorts of things that make me really wish I had Bil Gates/ Donald Trump/ Oprah/ ETC kind of money and fame.

    Then maybe I could DO something. Praying, while huge and good, just feels impotent so many times, and DOING would feel better.

    this is one of those perfect situations for my very favorite movie quote of all time (second perhaps to one other from the same movie)
    Jenny in Forrest Gump…” sometimes there are just not enough rocks in the whole world”

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