Movie Review – Victoria Jackson’s Review of Year One

Over on Big Hollywood, Victoria Jackson wrote a review of Jack Black’s new movie, Year One.  I’m glad she reviewed it, I’m thrilled she went to see it so I could totally cross it off my list of movies to see when I have the swine flu and have re-watched the LOTR trilogy and Firefly/Serenity 7,000 times each.  I think I’ll just buy the Thin Man series on DVD and destroy my list of “Movies so bad I need to be already projectile vomiting to consider watching them”.

The only Jack Black movie I’ve ever enjoyed (and watched in it’s entirety) was Kung Fu Panda, probably because he wasn’t on the screen.  His acting offends me as much as Jim Carrey’s*.  I find both of them unwatchable and unfunny.  I attempted to watch Tropic Thunder, mostly because I’d really like to bear Robert Downey Jr. some children, but that movie got turned off as well.  It just wasn’t funny.

Understand that I find South Park hilarious and Reno 911 funny, so I’m not a prude.  I thought Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were AWESOMELY funny.  I just think that material has to actually be FUNNY if it is also crude.  Cartman getting anally probed by aliens and then having a huge satellite dish pop out of his butt was hilarious.  The endless cursing and complaining in Tropic Thunder was decidedly NOT funny.  When I begin to count how often a curse word is used in the course of 10 minutes you’ve lost me forever.

Why am I not surprised to find that Year One is celuloid excrement?  According to Ms. Jackson I’d walk out of yet one more Jack Black movie.  Ugh.  I really don’t understand why people find him funny.

Color me baffled.

*Nearly every bad actor has an shining moment of brilliance, Jim Carrey’s exception is The Truman Show.

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  1. Mary says:

    LOVE “Hot Fuzz!” One of my faves. Have no desire to see “Year One”

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