UPDATE: Gateway Pundit Updates & Pics on Iran

UPDATE: The girl’s name was Neda. Her father was with her when she died.  Don’t forget her.  Pray for her family.

Via the Corner/Jonah Goldberg – Gateway Pundit has pictures and updates from Iran.  I heard on Fox that a bomb went off in a shrine killing one, and that the protests are ongoing, the Iranian government is ongoing in it’s attempt to crush the protests.

THIS picture says everything about the role of women in this revolution:

Against guns they have rocks and they aren’t afraid to use them!

Several places including the HuffPo’s Nico Pitney and Gateway Pundit link to the following graphic video of girl shot dead during protests.  (Like I said, graphic.  It’s reality though, this is what the President is taking a “measured” approach against.)

Pay attention, watch, pray.  Pray a lot.  On Huffpo is this rather disturbing bit of expected political machination:

12:35 PM ET — “U.S. behind the attacks.” A reader sends in this unverified note: “Hi I’m located in Dubai but we have access to Iranian State T.V. here. I just witnessed a program on official state television depicting young Iranians with there faces blurred ‘testifying’ to visiting the U.S. and being trained and told by the americans to cause unrest and chaos in Iran.”

Crap.  With flies.

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