Movie Review – Water

This movie is reason #25 that I adore Netflix.  I love their international selections.

Water is a widow’s story.  She’s 7.  The widow is 7.  Years old.

Heartbroken yet?  Me too.

The story is set in India during Ghandi’s lifetime and tells the tale of the 7 year old widow, Chuyia.  After her husband dies she is sent to an ashram for widows.  She is befriended by another young widow who is forced to work as a prostitute to support the ashram.

Silent Waters from Pakistan is a similar movie from just a little later, after the partition.  Watch that one too.

Here is the trailer:

Rent this movie.

Did I mention how completely fabulous the soundtrack is?  I need it.  I need it now!

Also, buy tissues.

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  2. Susan says:

    Yay, this one is my favorite!!! I love it! 😀

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