Chador Bravery – Iran & the (hopefully) New Revolution

(Picture & caption from A supporter of defeated presidential candidate Mousavi is beaten by government security men as fellow supporters come to his aid during riots in Tehran, Iran, Sunday, June 14, 2009. (AP Photo) # Hattip to Rachel Lucas for the link.

Above are my 5 new Imaginary BFF’s in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  I love them.  They make me proud.  Click on the picture, it’s a link to a series of pictures of the protests in Iran over the obviously fraudulent results of this weekend’s Presidential election.  Read the comments at the end.  Oh. My.

Our current administration is a beefy milquetoast fortress withstanding all manner of…nothing.  Weak.  Lame.  Buffoonish.  Cowardly.  Drivel.  Standard for this group of all-bluster-no-substance politicans.

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  1. Dana says:

    What a compelling photo. Even if we cannot make a firm solid stand, it’s encouraging to know there are people in the world willing to fight, long and hard, for what they believe in.

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