The Audacity of Bias

With few exceptions, the press is absurdly biased left.  Their treatment of Bush compared with Obama is remarkable.  Oh. My.

So, during the 8 years of the Bush Administration, the media was unable to come up with good things to report.  Nothing good came out of Iraq.  EVER.  Not the fact that they vote.  Regularly.  Not the low unemployment rate.  Nope, can’t report that.

Now, when unemployment is edging toward 10% and the government is steadily taking over industry after industry, suddenly media like NBC can report the good stuff.  Because, well, under Obama they can finally see good things in the world, in fact, they are seeking it out.

The funniest part of this whole exercise in obfuscation is that Williams has to report most nights that these regular Americans doing good to their neighbors have been doing good for years, not just the few months Obama has been in office.

It doesn’t fit Teh Narrative.

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