Your Hatred Is Showing, Mr. Letterman

I’m not going to link to his vile “joke” here, just search for Letterman’s Willow Palin Joke to see it for yourself.

It is unacceptable.

Everyone is talking about what a has been Letterman is, what a hack, that he’s on the down slope of his career.  Whatever.  His talent, lack of talent, has-beenness, all of that is  irrelevant.  What the joke revealed is that David Letterman is a douche-bag.  A small and foul minded douche bag.

His joke about Sarah Palin from the same segment is tasteless, but Mrs. Palin is an adult and a public figure.  Also, the joke did not involve a felony being committed on a child.

Apologies are useless, though, that would be great if it was real.  I doubt that will ever happen.

Financial repercussions?  Fabulous.  Again, I doubt that will ever happen.

Am I oversensitive?  Nope.  Like I said, I think his comments about Sarah herself are tasteless and mean, but Sarah wears the big girl panties and chose to be in the spotlight.  Do I think the MSM treats Mrs. Palin shamefully?  Oh, you betcha.  Do I think they are a bunch of mendouchous asshats?  Yup.  Still, she is a public figure.

Willow is a 14 year old girl.  She is not a public figure by choice any more than Britney Spears boys are subject to jokes.   Britney – totally risable.

Bad form.   Very bad form.

*Write here to complain to CBS.

A Note About Humor: While I think Letterman’s attack of Palin’s daughter is revolting, and nothing will change that, I wouldn’t have as much trouble with the rest of his “humor” were he even handed.  If he made jokes about Michelle Obama being one of the Terminators, or mocked Obama’s ears, or something, I could maybe see that he’s just generally rude and move on.  One of the reasons I actually enjoy South Park is that they go to great pains to make fun of EVERYBODY.  If you and yours get skewered by Cartman and the boys, just wait until next week, it will be someone else’s turn.  The problem with people like Letterman is that his skewering only goes one way, which reveals not a dark humor but real, felt hatred.

Your hatred is showing, Mr. Letterman.

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4 Responses to Your Hatred Is Showing, Mr. Letterman

  1. Dana says:

    I wrote CBS today. No expectations but I felt better.

    So can we expect hideous misogynistic sexual comments about Sasha and Malia? Isn’t Letterman an equal opportunity sleaze?

  2. vivianlouise says:

    As sure as the sun rises, I’m sure Letterman won’t repent. Why would he?

    At least CBS has a formal copy of my disapproval and yours. Not that it will make a difference.

  3. madmaz says:

    This is disgusting…how the Hell could he say such a thing about a child…? A written complaint is on its way…

  4. upyours says:

    Letterman is a douche bag and Sarah Palin is a psycho-bitch!

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