Vegetabley Garden Pictures

Okay, first things first, peas.  This is what I picked today after picking the vines clean two days ago:


Here are the vines:


Wack, hunh?  Totally.  I’ve got to do some weeding.  The dang morning glorys are killing me this year.  Hate those dang things.  Below is the pad where we used to put the pool.  No pool this year, so I’m hoping to build a new bed for my blueberry bushes.  They are not happy inside the garden gate.  With the leftover space I’d like to build a small greenhouse.  We shall see.


This is what happens when you let your cilantro get too big.  YIKES!


DSC01607In the front of this bed are two pineapple tomato plants a friend of mine started for me.  I can not WAIT to try these.  They are so pretty and multicolored.

Oh, and don’t look at the weeds, don’t judge me.  We’ve had nothing but rain this past week.  I’m leaving the Johnny Jump-Ups until they stop blooming.  Then out they come.  Behind the tomato plants are four different kinds of basil.  Behind the basil are some raspberries that escaped the raspberry bed.  Hopefully, they will take kindly to being put back later, after the raspberry season is over.

Below is a small bed of Chocolate Mint and Pineapple Mint.  The Chocolate is the darker and the Pineapple is the one with the white edges.


Below are my first tomatoes!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC01610I forgot to look at which kind.  I’ll tell you when they ripen.

DSC01614Above is the Rhubarb I grow for my niece, Shimmy.

Shimmy, you can come get some Rhubarb any time.  Just leave two pieces of crumble.  Okay?

DSC01617So, here we have the hardy Rosemary, which smells like heaven.  A piney, freshy heaven.  To the right is the Pineapple Sage.  If you have never used Pineapple Sage, please right now, go get some, stuff some with butter under a chickens skin.  Oh my.  The marigolds are there to scare away nasty buggies.  Then, the varigated sage and in the forground is the lettuces.

DSC01611Welcome to my lettuces.  Also, please ignore the weeds.  Like I said, it’s been raining.

DSC01619This is the clematis at the garden gate.  Isn’t it lovely?  I take no credit for the lovelyness of my yard.  The ground work was Mom’s and Dad’s, the Creation is God’s handiwork.  I just tend it and add as I see fit.

Now, out of the vegetable garden, on to the quince bush.  Do you see the baby quinces?  This year I really am going to try to make quince vodka.


These daylillies bloomed today, quite surprising me since there was very little sunlight in the midst of the rain and they hadn’t bloomed before 1:00.

DSC01623DSC01624Above is my yarrow getting more yarrowy by the moment.  It will really bloom for the first time this year.  It’s the second summer for it, I suppose last year it was setting it’s legs.  This year it’s concentrating on growing above ground.

This is my Endless Summer hydrangea.  Last year it refused to bloom.  In fact, none of my hydrangeas bloomed and I was quite put out.  I asked Heather from a garden center and she said I needed to add iron, so I did.  Now this year both hydrangeas in the front yard are blooming.  The one on the side has yet to set blossoms, but hopefully it will soon.

DSC01625It is very young, only two years old.  I got it the same time I got the yarrows.

Now on to my front door, when you come to visit me, this is what will greet you”

DSC01629Two tuberous begonias, a florists hydrangea and a calibrachoa.  Hopefully they will grow and bloom and be totally awesome all summer.

DSC01626This is the newest bed in our yard.  Until about four years ago, a huge tree stood there.  Then for the last three years there has been a stump there.  A dead old ugly stump.

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5 Responses to Vegetabley Garden Pictures

  1. Brandi says:

    Uh oh. Apparently the beds on the side of my old house were filled with Yarrow, which I tore up because it looked like a bunch of big, fast growing weeds. Oops.

  2. Dana says:

    Awesomeness is right! I have morning glory here that has a death grip on every tree, bush and fence. It’s a bear to keep back and I was hoping it would freeze to death this winter but no such luck. It makes me nuts but I comfort myself that at least my house isn’t covered in like some in the south are when kudzu is on a rampage.

  3. vivianlouise says:

    Mrs. D – you killed YARROW? Oh, the shame. The horror. Don’t feel bad if I can’t look you in the eye for a few decades, k?

    Dana – the morning glories are killing me. But in happier news, my malva and lupines are coming up. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Emmy says:

    I love your gardens so very much. I makes me so happy to come here and wallow in their fabulousness and their yumminess.
    MAy the fairies of lovliness always bless your gardens and you.

    My oldest is gardening and is growing Loofah in his garden- I didn’t even know you could do that- so he can make mom food AND furnish her bath time too if ever I get up there LOL.

  5. vivianlouise says:

    Emmy, Just make sure the Fairies of loveliness don’t poop on the strawberries. I’ve been chasing them off the berries all day. 🙂

    Ooooo, fresh Loofahs? My mom grew them for a few years when I was a kid, they were ever so much fun. I hope the fairies of happy bathing keep you company when you visit him.

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