Favorite Things – Sweet Coconut Thai Chai

This is my new favorite evening tea.  It smells absolutely amazing.  It tastes just like the name, you can taste the coconut and the chai, but it isn’t overwhelming.  You should drink this tea too.  (Especially because I don’t want it discontinued.)

When I lived in Colorado I went on a tour of the factory where they make Celestial Seasonings.  Oh my gosh!  Best tour ever.  Especially if you like wonderful smelly things.  The whole place smelled spicy, every room smelled like tea and spices, which is wonderful.  Especially the hibiscus, you could smell that everywhere. (You can take a virtual tour here.)

The most amazing room was the mint room.  From a quick search, it seems that was everyone’s favorite room.  I couldn’t find any pictures of it, but it’s adorable.  The sides of the roll up gate were painted like a candy cane, and the tour guide told us that they had to lock up the mint away from all the other spices because it was overwhelming and would flavor everything with the mint.  Then up goes the gate and you get a whiff of mint.  The guide invites you in and all of a sudden your sinuses clear, you nose is running and half the people are coughing violently.  Wasabi has nothing on a room full of mint.  Yummay.

So, two things, drink this tea so I can always get it and go to Boulder and take the tour.

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  1. PatAZ says:

    This sounds yummy. I checked my small grocery store today. Nada I will check Wal-Mart next. Going to be very disappointed if I can’t find it.

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