Blooms in the Morning

Allow me to introduce you to my foxgloves – digitalis as it were:

spring 2008 051

They don’t smell like anything, but they sure are pretty.  I can see them from my bedroom, and they make me happy.  I love their speckledy throat.

spring 2008 052

Next year, I hope I have more.  Many more.  Maybe I’ll even stake them up.  😀

spring 2008 053

Honeysuckle is the joy of my early summer.  Have you ever sucked the nectar out of a blossom?  You should, you really really should.  It’s like drinking the sweetest, purest perfume.  Only not in an obnoxious perfumey way.

spring 2008 008

spring 2008 009These honeysuckle vines are growing through our forsythia.  I’m having a hard time getting Dad to leave them.  He won’t eat a flower.  So far, I’m winning.

I don’t remember what this flower is called, all I know is that it smells divinely.

spring 2008 003You can see the lettuce bed is just beyond, to the left – tomatoes and peas.  Across the way – beans, cucumbers and cilantro.  Oh, happy happy days.

spring 2008 002This is the clematis on the garden gate.  Terrible winds this past winter tore it off the gate.  Martha & Laura helped me to pin it back up.  I didn’t expect it to grow like kudzu.  It’s WACK!  I love it.  Though, I will need to plant the Jacob’s Coat climbing rose in another location.  The clematis is overpowering it.

spring 2008 006This is my grandmother’s rose.  It is an old rose, it won’t rebloom this year, just the one two – three weeks of fabulousness.

spring 2008 007spring 2008 005

The last roses are old, old moss roses.  They smell better than just about anything.

Next: The Dragon in the Herb Bed.

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2 Responses to Blooms in the Morning

  1. PatAZ says:

    I love all your beautiful plants and envy your garden. These would not survive in the southern Arizona desert where I live.

    Your comment about the honeysuckle “honey” reminds me of growing up in southern Florida. Hibiscus were everywhere and if the bloom was picked before opening, a drop of sweetness could be had. OK, we were kids and didn’t care about them being pretty. And there were so many.

  2. Dana says:

    Oh Vivian Louise, you’re garden is just lush and lovely! Digitalis lasts for a very short time here before they just droop in misery as the heat sucks the life right out of them. I’m envious.

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